The Ultima Ratio Project provides research-level access to the data collected under the auspices of the Big Cannon Project and from other sources. Such data is made available to bona fide researchers and research organisations.

The Project is actively seeking to support research by a wide range of practitioners and at varying levels. Postgraduate students, independent researchers, academics, and technical specialists, and other researchers are invited to contact us to access research-level data.

Data Verification

The Ultima Ratio Project dataset is subject to verification. All records that are created are immediately ‘live’ in the database. However, until records have been verified, they will be flagged with an ‘unverified data’ warning and will not form part of the research dataset.

Records of different levels can be verified by users of different levels, according to the Figure 1.1, below.

Figure 1.1 BCP user levels.

Once a user reaches the Recorder user level, Bronze records they create will automatically be verified. Surveyors will have their Silver and Bronze records automatically verified. Other than cases of automatic verification, users cannot verify their own records. This is especially important at the Silver and Gold record levels, to maintain peer-review standards.

Once a record has been verified, it is marked accordingly, letting users and researchers know the data can be considered research-grade.

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